Tipping to Homeschooling

Tipping to Homeschooling

Are you for freedom? Are you aware of the gap between the freedoms you think you should have verses what you’re willing to grant others?  Throughout history it seems that freedom comes when the masses rebel against the queen, in our case the bureaucrats, and demand their freedom OR as in the case of Ghandi you simply refuse to participate in the queen’s games. In any case, my freedom depends on the willingness of those around me to allow it. It’s crazy but true! Our neighbors vote our freedom in and out of style in an ever shifting scheme to control people. Well, let’s be honest and say we vote for 4% of the rules while 96% is decided by the un-elected bureaucrats.

I want the freedom to homeschool my children and grandchildren. You might say, “Well, you have that.” What you may not know is, I have that temporarily, right up until one single bureaucrat decides I can’t. Even though the law in my state says I can legally homeschool there are many, many cases where the state has stepped in and removed the children from a family because they don’t like homeschooling. Or a neighbor lies about what’s going on or . . . . . in the freest homeschool state in the union, homeschool parents live in fear of the state.

The state wants to regulate that children don’t belong to their parents and I’ll agree with that if they’ll also regulate that THEY don’t own the children either. We’re ALL wanting to be free 🙂 My children don’t belong to me, they’re a gift and a blessing that I’m responsible for teaching to be a truly productive, thinking, contributing member of society.

Freedom, is it safest when it’s practiced by more people? Imagine if the state of Colorado decides to revoke the freedom to smoke weed. People have moved there to have this freedom so I’m thinking it will be pretty hard to pull that back, even though I believe smoking weed is stupid, I’m for freedom. According to the 80/20 rule from Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point,” protecting my freedom to homeschool means I have to convince 16.6% more kids to talk their parents into freeing them from the government school and joining the ever growing homeschool movement. Current numbers seem to rest at 3.4% of kids are homeschooled a growth rate of 61%+ in the last nine years which means at the current pace we’d reach the magical freedom rate of 20% homeschoolers in . . . I don’t know that math BUT I do know that if we could double the homeschool rate this year to 6.8% and again next year to 13.6% on the third year we’d break the freedom barrier!

How does one convince 16.6% of the kids to walk away from school? I’m not even talking about the national average of drop outs that’s at more than 25%.  If you really want to know your school’s 9th to 12th grade drop out rate find the number of 9th graders and subtract the number of 12th graders and you’ll get the real number. Some schools are using their “dropout” number from 11th-12th grade. Our local highschool last year said they had a 25% drop out rate but the 9th grade to 12th grade difference was almost 40%.

Actually how do you convince the parents of the kids who hate school to free them? In Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast from Monday January 18, 2016  he asks some great questions at about the 1:04 minute mark and on.

“What do we do as individuals? How do we start making a bigger difference, cuz this is what’s going to happen. The ability of the state to influence our lives is going to do what it always has, it’s going to grow.”

Having been through the state adoption system for our three youngest kids the idea of the state gaining any more control is terrifying. By force of a gun they can take your children and really do just about anything they want without consequence to the actual perpetrator in the state bureaucracy.

In response to Jack Spirko’s podcast, this blog I’ve just been thinking about is going to have to happen if I want freedom for my children and their children. In order for the state to loose it’s grip we have to remove ourselves from their grasp.

Join me in freedom, in the freedom we have in Christ, or of Ghandi’s civil disobedience, Martin Luther King Jr’s voice, Rosa Parks refusal of stupidity and this, this  unknown man

Tianamen square 1

Together, without the “assistance” of the state, let’s figure out how to take back control of our lives and give our children the freedom that all of mankind longs for in their soul.

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