Permaculture Student Chapter 2

We started Chapter 2 Wednesday February 3, 2016 and here I am trying to come up with a plan and Paisley wants to watch the video because they can hear the opening music.



2 7 2016 797

Check out our lesson plan here. Remember it’s a work in progress

We opened with an challenge for the adults to write down the name of as many plants in their yard that they new the real name of, either latin or the local name. This kept them busy while the kids watched about 6 minutes of the video on diversity. The parents have access and can watch the videos at home too. Our adult winner could name 37 of her plants! I was so excited that I posted it on facebooks “Unschooling with Permaculture” page and Matt let me know he has like 600-800 species? We have our work cut out for us.

We were learning about diversity and the kids were cutting up magazines, gluing and coloring. This combination of activities takes a long time at this age and allows for lots of conversation.

2 7 2016 799

While the kids were making their diversity posters the adults were watching some videos on swales and discussing how each person might use that on their property.

The kids finished out their evening by playing Paul Wheaton’s Permaculture Playing Cards

2 7 2016 798

First thing the next morning my son Jack wanted to play those cards but we’re saving them for Wednesday nights so they’re special 🙂

Chapter 2 – Week 2 – February 10,2016 – stay tuned!

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