Tending the Garden


Permaculture Student by Matt Powers picture


Was it perfect in the Garden of Eden? I always thought so until recently, well actually I didn’t think about it I just assumed so. Does that make sense? Heaven was perfect, Eden was perfect, it was all perfect until Eve ate that non-botanically specific piece of vegetation. Right?

It’s not that we haven’t had some excellent teaching along the way but until recently we didn’t have the chance to have a Dr. Dr. Dr. who reads his New Testament in Greek to talk to about these questions.  So, heaven wasn’t perfect, Satan got in, the garden wasn’t perfect Satan got in there and the two people sinned.

This is really about my actual garden and that I grew up in a garden that was in tip top very tidy shape with all the weeds removed. Like I’m sure it would have looked in Adam and Eve’s garden where everything was perfect. Except why did Adam have to work?

Genesis 2:15 Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.

Are weeds new or did they occur in the garden that Adam tended too? In this great documentary called “Back to Eden” the guy has some cool thoughts about this subject and great thoughts about the weeds in my garden! If I manage my garden like God manages the forests and things man doesn’t tend then the closer I get to the natural processes of growing the easier it will be, which means I’ll have weeds but I’ll outgrow them with good seeds!

I’ve been avoiding my yard since my mom moved out. For almost nine years she tended the garden in our yard then she abandoned me to marry this adorable old neighbor of ours! I kept calling it her garden and telling her it was going to die but then I came across this really awesome concept of Permaculture which reminded me of the Back to Eden video and I realized I should take some responsibility for MY garden.

We’ve got a pretty busy life with kids, adventure  and community so I couldn’t see how I could get out there every single day but with the Permaculture Design I think we can make it happen.

There are some excellent Christian principals in the concept like Care of People, Care of the Earth and the Return of Surplus. There’s also something amazing about spending time in the garden that touches my soul and makes me happy, tired but happy. Our youngest three kids have really been loving it more than all the other things we’ve done so the hope is we’ll soon have an abundance to share with our friends and neighbors.

We also found a great resource Permaculture Student by Matt Powers that is about Jr High level, unless you’re actually getting out in the garden and doing the work, then it’s much harder! If you’ve been thinking about tending a garden with your kids this is a very encouraging resource.

Now if I could just get rain every day like they do in Jamaica it would be so much easier!


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