Permaculture Student Chapter 1

Here’s how chapter one looked in action for us 🙂

We had no lesson plan, start or stop time and kind of muddled through waiting for everyone to order their books from Matt at The Permaculture Student – but that’s done so Chapter 2 is looking very promising!

After our first “class” with our family we went out and planted potatoes, onions, beans, spinach, etc, etc, etc

2 7 2016 652

We worked really hard Wednesday to get ready for our friends to join us at our 2nd Weekly Permaculture Student meeting so we took a break to eat homemade bread and Marmalade. We probably should have watched Paddington but the day was gorgeous!

2 7 2016 685

Lesson 1 – Week 1 January 13, 2016

So, here we are coloring and talking about Permaculture

2 7 2016 687

We’ve got some grown ups watching Matt Powers video

2 7 2016 688

They stayed at their work for a long time tonight because it was super cold out, what Texans call freezing, somewhere around 40 🙂

2 7 2016 689

Luke sharing his quail tractor prototype

2 7 2016 692

Farmers Market with Memaw!

IMG_0787 (1)

This was our very first effort and I think we cleared $42! The kids packaged basil seeds that we harvested, lots of herbs, marmalade, cute painted rocks and some plarn bags 🙂

Chapter 1 – Week 2 – January 20, 2016

During the week we worked on measuring our yard using a Montessori style discovery learning approach and we read some great Caldecott Children’s books about the garden and the sun.

2 7 2016 729 2 7 2016 730 2 7 2016 731 2 7 2016 732

In this picture we’re learning that our property isn’t flat but has dips and swales!

2 7 2016 733

This is the start of our first Hugelkulture

2 7 2016 735

For our potluck we used the fish head that was a gift from my mom and followed Chef Keith Snows concept of Harvest Eating using techniques rather than recipes. We live in the country and this concept has really helped us stock our pantry and use what we grow!

2 7 2016 769

Here’s some sticky notes applied to our site map with the seeds that we planted. I’m a bit afraid to draw directly on my site map.

2 7 2016 772

And here’s our next CLASS! Some video and coloring pages because I still hadn’t had time to come up with a hands on activity that supports thinking.

2 7 2016 773

Chapter 1 – Week 3 – January 27, 2016

I didn’t take any pictures but we colored, watched more videos and had a conversation about the design plan for Wednesday nights.

Chapter 2 – Week 4 – February 3, 2016

I finally had the chance to read the chapter, the workbook and watch the online resources that we’re using and came up with a plan! Check it out here


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