There’s a bunch of religious crap in  a lot of the Bible curriculum that’s out there so we’ve found it easier to use the Bible itself to explain the principals we want our kids to know. While our Tapestry of Grace curriculum has a great Bible history perspective which is great for the timeline and factual information about the Bible, it’s best to just stick to the book the way it was intended.

We do sometimes use these awesome coloring pages while I read to the kids or we listen to a the Bible.

The top “Let My People Go” is a series of Popsicle puppets I printed off for them to color while we listened to Exodus. There are some long passages and the Picture Smart Bible pictures don’t always take long enough or cover every aspect.

There is a digital version so you can keep printing nice copies and you won’t loose a page.

Each of the kids has their own 3″ binder where they are making their own Bible and as time goes by they can add all kinds of things to it like, prayer requests and other coloring pages or drawings they make. Each of them have a special set of markers that are only used for this task, that way during Bible time we all have nice markers. I buy a bunch during back to school days and keep them hidden until we need a new one. With a 3 and 4 year old we go through alot of markers!

I printed off on card stock each of the books of the Bible. You can see II Chronicles on the dark green sheet. All the OT books are green and the NT are pink for no reason other than those where the colors I had enough of 🙂

We don’t do this every day and sometimes I forget for long stretches. Yet it’s super simple to come back to and pick up wherever we left off.

Our main focus here is learning to love your neighbor. There are so many good things the Word teaches us to do but if we forget that one single one it turns them off from what the Gospel is really about.

Remember they’ll know we are Christians by our love 🙂


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