Dr. Seuss

10712930_10205082279399640_6393466967634475744_nThis is one of my favorite adventures to take with my kids in the dog days of summer here in South Texas or early September when our schedule permits.

Read more about Theodor Seuss Geisel here

Booklist –  in order of published date

Booklist  – in the order we’re doing them for our summer of 2016

Reading Club – where you can get ideas and post your ideas!

Spreadsheet – this is how I organize and track information when planning an activity for my kids or with friends.

All the individual activities, games and ideas will be added under each books page with links to pinterest, and other resources, along with last years pictures and this summers as we get to them.

Every subject you can think of can be added to this exciting authors work to spark imagination and learning.

Remember when you homeschool, the bell never rings, dad can read some of the bed time stories and a grandparent is great for “You’re Only Old Once.”



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