Family Calendar

Our oldest son will be 30 in October and we’ve been on our homeschooling journey since before he was born when I began to research the best opportunity for our future children. Early in our homeschool journey we followed the calendar of seasons aside from some church activities but as our kids got older and homeschool became more popular, more “school” like in the co-ops we wandered from our seasonal calendar and far from the adventure we’d planned in the beginning.

Here’s how our calendar looks now:

Sunday – we have some friends come over on Sunday for a great time of fellowship, learning, eating delicious food. It’s just that simple. We start around nine thirty and sometimes chat until 4 about interesting things going on or ideas.

Monday – We try to stay home and get most of our actual school work off to a great start for the week and Monday night is a “work” night at our house now. Rooms should be very clean and we generally have a project to work on.

Tuesday – We also try to stay home on Tuesdays to get our basic learning in along with our new Youtube Tuesday where we look up all the things the kids have asked during the week. On Tuesday nights friends come over for a gardening club that covers many homesteading topics where the adults and big kids are learning things to take home and share with their kids while the kids mostly play. Again the food is delicious 🙂

Wednesday – Again – we’re homeschooling and we try to stay home these first three days of the week focusing on the basics with a family night in the evening.

Thursday – This is our day with friends for our 6-9 weeks sessions of co-op and it takes up the whole day with getting ready and cleaning up when they’re all gone. It’s also date night so the kids get lots of tv when the house is clean.

Friday – This is our adventure day – except when we have two cars and try to stuff in as many adventure days in a week as possible 🙂

Saturday – We hang out and have projects at the house.

We’re open to adventure on any of these days but that’s generally how our week goes.

Here’s our Months:

January – it’s very cold here (for Texans) and we stay in and get lots of arts, science and basics in. This past year included learning how to play the recorder.

February – again this is usually cold so it’s a great time to stay in and work on inside things.

March – this brings really cold and really warm days so we gear up for adventure, camping and field trips during this break from the usual learning.

April – this is a really hard month to get back to co-op but I do love a schedule so we plug back into school.

May – is generally really hot but we have the added benefit of getting our work done quickly so we can go swimming!

June – hot but not scorching yet so we try to do the fun outdoor summer things during this break.

July and August – scorching – we may as well be inside doing school

September – BREAK again – we try to get an entire week of camping in here before heading into the fall.

October and November are back to school times with friends.

Thanksgiving to New Years we’re off! We have lots of fun things to do and cookie exchanges to attend.

It’s a great idea to sit down as a family and look over your calendar for the weeks and years and make sure your activities are meeting your long range goals.

We found over the years that we volunteered to much and didn’t spend enough time with our kids so now that we’re working with our second herd of children we’ve opted out of many time consuming things that distract from our family learning together and have found a group of friends that feel the same way.

Design your life to meet your own goals.

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