defined – the act of progressing; forward or onward movement.

We’re going to use this term, progressions, to define what most people might call levels. Levels are usually equated with a static spot you’re in as related to the person next to you based on a born on date with the intent to keep everyone on the same page and moving along in an “equitable” fashion.

This is what “leveling” is bringing our society to: “Harrison Bergeron.”

When you think about progressing or moving forward you’ll need a starting point. Your child might be a beginner in math and intermediate in reading so just being 8 or labeled as a third grader isn’t going to help you find out where to begin.

We’d recommend that you read through some of the ideas and start at a slightly easier progression then you think your child can do. Build a little confidence in a subject and then move on from there.

We’ll have the following starting points for each subject:

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced = Grammar Stage

Apprentice – Journeyman – Craftsman = Dialectic & Rhetoric Stages



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