Reading Club


Over the years we’ve participated in the library reading clubs but we live out in the country now and we invite friends to join us and now it’s time to invite YOU!

Wherever you may be,

Whoever you may be,

Follow along on our adventure and create one of your own!

Step 1 – Select a theme – this will be our fourth year for Dr. Seuss and we’re adding the Chronicles of Narnia series for the older kids.

Step 2 – Select a series of weeks that fit with your book choices and calendar.

Dr. Seuss has 60+ books and the Chronicles of Narnia has 7 so we’re going with 7 weeks this time. For our Caldecott series we took six months to finish.

Step 3 – Create a prize structure

Last year we had a prize table that everyone contributed to but I think it took to much time and money so this year each family will be setting their own goals. There are also many national reading clubs that offer prizes like Pizza Hut’s Book It.

I’ll be making up a weekly gift bag that will have a variety of prizes and activities like ice skating, or a trip to the river. Things we’re going to do anyway 🙂 but it’s good to have goals.

Step 4 – Once you decide which books or series you’ll be doing, divide them into weeks. If you don’t have time for that you can just let your kids pick whatever they want to read and set a book or minutes goal for their reading.

Step 5 – Check out pinterest if you don’t see the book ideas you’re looking for here and you’ll find lots of ideas!

Step 6 – Now follow through! The main reason we invite friends is to ensure that we follow through and it’s more fun for the kids.

Our Goals:

This summer as we work through the Dr. Seuss and C.S. Lewis books, creating games and activities we’ll be posting them here to share. Feel free to add your ideas and pictures to the individual book comments as you join us!



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