The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book – dictionary

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The Cat in the Hat Beginner Dictionary

This is a great book to spark a conversation with your little people!

Crafts –

Drawing silly animals – you can even use them to create your own dictionary and for the kids who don’t like to draw you can cut things out and glue them in to make a dictionary.

Reading –

At any level Dr. Seuss can be a challenge 🙂 It’s a really excellent tool to see where your kids are missing knowledge in this area. For much older kids the read aloud practice is fabulous.

Math –

Dr. Seuss is full of colors, shapes and groups to practice one to one correspondence.

Writing –

Learning about rhyming with younger kids is a great way for mom to work on her printing skills while she writes down the rhymes.

Science –

Animal classification is great to talk about here. Is there a 7 hump whump? If there was where would he belong in the Linnaean classification system?

History –

You can create a Dr. Seuss timeline of books and print off these stickers that go on the timeline as you read them.

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