1.Buy book Here I wish I had duck feet

2. Read aloud on Youtube

3. Idea Links:

  1. English – Right away you think of rhyming when you think of Seuss but you can find some basic concepts for reading here
  2. Math – Dr. Seuss provides lots of one to one correspondence to work on but you can also peruse a series of Seuss like activities here
  3. History – Geography – using the animals from the book – find out where they would live on the map.
  4. Science –
    1. Ducks wiki or the other animals attributes he wishes for
    2. Trip to the zoo to check out feet, tails, etc
  5. Crafts – make duck feet (buy flippers) and spend the day walking around in duck feet!
  6. Relationships – What attributes do you have that people appreciate? Which ones might others find annoying?