Our Curriculum

Curriculum generally comes right after “socialization” when people are thinking about homeschooling and it’s just as unimportant in the big picture as making sure you’re kid is properly socialized. When you go to research the history of education you’ll find that it generally begins at the advent of writing, as if no learning took placeContinue reading “Our Curriculum”

Permaculture Student- Our Design

The design principal in permaculture was the first thing that drew me in. Everything in life can be designed to suit the needs of those involved and as an old time homeschooler that’s starting in with the first grandkids I’m wanting to design a homeschool plan more in tune with nature. The nature around usContinue reading “Permaculture Student- Our Design”


There’s an ocean of difference between the systematic education of indoctrination and the exciting adventure of true learning. Join us on the adventure as we continue to develop our learning home! Course of Study – This is where we’ll be adding what we’re doing and how we’re doing it outside the curriculum box and intoContinue reading “Homeschool”

Sustainable Homebased Learning

As we return to the roots of our homeschool journey we’re returning to the garden and learning to dig deep into thinking and understanding the natural beauty of creation. When we were young, had one car and less cash we automatically operated our homeschool in a sustainable way so that I could actually stay homeContinue reading “Sustainable Homebased Learning”