Personal responsibility isn’t a very popular concept in our narcissistic, blame everyone else, let’s be a victim society BUT we can pursue change, embrace what others call conflict as opportunity and continually learn to make ever increasingly better choices in our lives. Can you?

Eeyore Error 


My Mom Doesn’t Play Games

Having written the title of my latest brilliance on my giant white board, my 16 year old walks past and says, “That isn’t about you is it?” When I responded yes, he looked at me enquiringly??? I said, “Of course it’s about me.” He looks waiting, waiting, waiting. . . Then I had to confess because as a homeschool mom he SEES what I do all day and he KNOWS I play games.

Designing Life

It’s not genetics or eugenics – it’s about what we actually have control over in our own lives. You and I designing a life we’d love to live. Think about it in this simple way: