So much about “family” seems dedicated to the parenting of small children. Here we’re going to think out loud about marriage, the stages a family goes through, repairing relationship, designing a resilient lifestyle and stuff our family does or makes together.

Just Give Me a Minute

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven

Love Hate Relationships

It’s all of us, not just you! Your spouse is super awesome and you’re on a high of happiness then they do something totally selfish or stupid and you have to ask yourself, do I let go of the anger and remember all the good or do I hold on and become a bitter person? I’m kidding we don’t actually stop and think about that do we? We just react!


Check out what we’re doing here to spend less and become more resilient! In the past few years we’ve learned or re-learned how to make beer, wine, laundry soap, breads, jam, pressure cooked meats and more lessons being added to our life all the time.