There’s an ocean of difference between the systematic education of indoctrination and the exciting adventure of true learning. Join us on the adventure as we continue to develop our learning home!

Course of Study – This is where we’ll be adding what we’re doing and how we’re doing it outside the curriculum box and into purpose driven adventure.

Design Your Own – Some basic ideas on how to figure out how to teach what your kids really want to learn.

Tipping to Homeschool: Why I need more homeschoolers

How to Homeschool This is going to be constantly added to because there are so many options!

Our Curriculum – the what, why and how we use homeschool curriculum written BY and FOR homeschoolers.

Why Homeschool   Hippies were homeschoolers when I was growing up in So Cal and of course they were kids who didn’t have to go to school and could run free and wild all over the Agoura Hills. Just like we did in the summer but they got to do it ALL year long!

Zue’s Zoobilee  if you think a connection with the zoo is a great way to teach your child about a diverse set of animals follow along as I show you how you can spend 4 hours at the zoo.

Response to Uncle Jack  On The Survival Podcast January 18, 2016  with Jack Spirko at the 1:08 minute mark he ponders how homeschooling can alter the landscape of the nation. I believe there is nothing else that will and I’d like to convince as many people as possible that the future of our nation hinges on removing as many children from the control of the state as possible. Doesn’t that sound alarming!??

Tipping to Homeschool Are you for freedom? Are you aware of the gap between the freedoms you think you should have verses what you’re willing to grant others?  Throughout history it seems that freedom comes when the masses rebel against the queen, in our case the bureaucrats, and demand their freedom OR as in the case of Ghandi you simply refuse to participate in the queen’s games. In any case, my freedom depends on the willingness of those around me to allow it.

Clown Training  Is your child’s school working for them? Do you get the sense that they are safe, happy and loving learning, progressing at a healthy pace of their own, developing their sense of self in a positive way? If you’re answer is yes then you should go back to whatever it was you were doing before you clicked over to this link. This article is going to be about the Clowns and Jokers that run your kids school and you probably don’t need that kind of stress where you might have to reevaluate what you’re doing. These aren’t the articles you’re looking for, move along.