Our newest adventure is to adapt our garden from the traditional rows to a thriving food forest of abundance where we can practice the ethics of permaculture that are Care of People, Care of the Earth and a Return of Surplus!

Permaculture Student – Laying the Ground Work 

Matt Powers, Permaculture Student Online – Turns out it’s pretty simple if you read it and color the pages BUT if you actually get out in the garden and DO IT, suddenly that Chapter 1 you were going to do in a week turns into a month! What a great month it’s been (after the first month of trying to figure out how to implement it:)

Permaculture Student Online Chapter 1

We had no lesson plan, start or stop time and kind of muddled through waiting for everyone to order their books from Matt at The Permaculture Student – but that’s done so Chapter 2 is looking very promising!

Permaculture Student Online Chapter 2

We started Chapter 2 Wednesday February 3, 2016 and here I am trying to come up with a plan and Paisley wants to watch the video because they can hear the opening music.

Permaculture Student Online Chapter 3

It looks like we’re going to be starting this chapter some time around late March which means we’ll have lots of seeds in the ground

Permaculture Student Online Chapter 4

I’m guessing here that we’ll hit this chapter sometime in May 2016 but you can see our plans here. 

Permaculture Student – Our design

The design principal in permaculture was the first thing that drew me in. Everything in life can be designed to suit the needs of those involved and as an old time homeschooler that’s starting in with the first grandkids I’m wanting to design a homeschool plan more in tune with nature. The nature around us and the nature of children.

Tending the Garden

Was it perfect in the Garden of Eden? I always thought so until recently, well actually I didn’t think about it I just assumed so. Does that make sense? Heaven was perfect, Eden was perfect, it was all perfect until Eve ate that non-botanically specific piece of vegetation. Right?